I heard the truth

I was made to listen to the truth

Like a needle pierced deep into the veins

The truth went even deeper

Given gifts in earthen vessels

Given gifts in vessels moulded with clay

Not just any gift but gifts that could set the whole world in motion

From stagnancy and create a notion

This vessel was made with no cover

The gifts were placed in this vessels to escape and reach out

To stretch  and touch lives

But we our selves  have made covers ,lids

In the form of fear ,procrastination and doubt

And only we can remove those lids

THE CREATOR himself dimmed it fit to place talents ,treasures and gifts in us

He looked upon us with love and great concern

He decided to give us a little bit extra ,o no not a little bit but much more

He knew we could handle it ,yes he knew we had the ability

 So Take off the lids ,Let what is within break loose and fulfil purpose

It may take time and may not be appreciated at first or at all

 But give it a chance and Crack the lids open

Let that seed within sprout forth and bring forth its fruit

Take off the lids and show forth the surpassing power of THE CREATOR

Don’t wait for change ,be the change.


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