After being called a strict christian by someone with this being a reason :i go to church and all that ,i replied saying there is nothing like a strict christian you either are a christian or you are not, i sat and thought and this came to me .

So many times people and even i ,get it wrong .Going to church certainly does not make one a christian .Christianity simply means being Christ like in other words behaving like Christ ,the bible says by their fruit you shall know them not by where they are planted you shall know them ..just because one goes to church or takes part in religious activities ,it does not mean that he or she is a christian ,its by the person’s life and way of living that you can identify who a Christian is or not ,but mind you people can also put up a picture in front of people that may make them be seen asa Christian but you can’t pretend forever.Think of it this way

ME : why do you go to school ?

PERSON : To get educated at a particular field of interest (lets say pharmacist)

Me : does going to school make you a pharmacist ?

PERSON : no certainly not ,its just a place where you receive the necessary teaching to become a pharmacist

Me: when you graduate does it mean you are now a pharmacist ?

Person : well ,ye degree wise

Me : ok,but the true pharmacist is the one who applies what he learnt at school and continually updates himself  with information to be able to tackle new trials that may arise and to impact knowledge in those in need of his services ,that is what makes him a pharmacist .

There is no use going to school if you are not willing to apply what you learnt or do extra studying ,A church is a gathering of people who have come to worship  God….yes ,but it is a place of learning and those seeking to grow in there christian faith ,not somewhere you go to because you are bored ,just the same way you don’t go to university because you are bored .

lol if boredom was the reason to go to school ?no thanks i would rather do something else .

A true christian is someone who applies what he learns to his everyday life ,studies relevant materials daily most importantly the bible   (extra reading)to be well informed incase a new trial comes up and shares his knowledge to as many people he comes in contact with and are willing to hear him out.

CHRISTIANITY IS A WAY OF LIFE ,we should keep reminding ourselves of this fact  or rather i should be reminding myself of this  and also live this fact.

427466_316205615164689_1705187925_nGOD BLESS YOU.


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