Plans are made daily for time yet  to come

A checklist for the future is drawn out of what we wish to do

Tasks to be tackled now ,are pushed to a later date

The fact that no one knows tomorrow skip over our little heads

All we have  is hope , belief that tomorrow will come

The days task haven’t been completed

Yesterday’s plan did not see an end

Two partners, out of the unending list , work hand in hand

They terminate ones plans before giving them a chance to  be fulfilled .

Sickness or disease is the first ,you approach your victim with little or no warning

You disguise yourself as a minor issue until you fully take your root in your victim

You make your home in people ,both young and old

You present your self in different levels of severity

How stubborn can you be, you pathetic loser ?

How much does your mind fail you that you forget you have been conquered thousands of years ago ?

As i laugh in your face i tell you this ,In the past ,present and future you have been used .

The glory of God has been shown in and through those you afflict and have  afflicted

Peter’s mum,lazarus ,the woman with the issue of blood ,the leper,the blind man at the beautiful gate;

The list could go on and on  .

Testimonies have been birthed through you and have made those who do not believe in Christ ,believe.

You were and still are used to manifest Christ as our healer

As for your partner, i would say has many colours

To the afflicted ,he is blue like the sky ;a call to serenity and calmness away from pain

To the loved ones of the afflicted he is black ,darkness that has been poured on hearts that lose their loved ones

To the person who dies in christ ,death is gold ;A transition from mortality to immortality

To those who claim to be  ignorant about Christ,death is  yellow ;accompanied by great heat too much to bare

And to my dear friend ,i believe death was blue and gold to you

A transit to peace,joy and eternal life with our Lord and saviour.

Although the tears that run down our cheeks have been ignited,

 Our hearts burdened ,we hope to see you some day .


13 thoughts on “COLOURS OF DEATH

  1. Hmmmm…words written from a heart filld with pain…tears nearly rolld down my cheeks readin dis…how I wish we neva get to lose a loved one…dis words expresses d heart of one who truely missd a dear frnd to d hands of a pathetic looser…long live d writtr to write a joyful article in d nearest future…dear frnd, may ur soul rest in perfect peace, want to meet u in heaven somday….hmmm…hw sorrowful.

  2. Doing what we need to do today, helps us to do what needs to be done tomorrow efficiently. If you don’t do what needs to be done today, there will be a carry over then you will find out that you have too much to do tomorrow. Sometimes what we need is just a leap forward to boost us up to do what we need to be doing. We wait and hope that tomorrow will come, and when it comes, we are thankful to God and since God Himself has given us the strenght to do all things, then get to work. There will be a lot of promptings from the Holy Spirit to do this or that. When you obey, you will find out that it was the right direction because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth who will guide us into all truth; what the Father(God) tells Him, He conveys it to us. The best partner will be to partner with the Holy Spirit, He only needs your cooperation, for without the Holy Spirit, your flesh will lead you astray which may also lead you to destruction. Jesus Christ is the Lamb that was slain, just as a lamb is taken to the slaughterhouse to be slain. Jesus was bruised for your iniquity, He was wounded for your transgression, the chastisement required for your peace and well being was placed upon Him so that you can be free, healed, redeemed, transformed, justified, accepted, acquitted, and to be at peace with God. Embrace Christ’s finished work of redemption and be saved with guaranteed access to the throne of grace and also you are guaranteed eternal life.

  3. “How much does your mind fail you that you forget you have been conquered thousands of years ago ?”
    That’s deep, many many times we forget that Jesus has already conquered the afflictions we face and we are conquerors ourselves, even in death!
    May God comfort you and your friend’s family as well…x

  4. Well said, and very inspiring! Thanks for this wonderful piece. We have to live for today and hope for tomorrow, no single day we wake up and take a deep breath of life should be wasted, no matter the condition we find ourselves in, where there is life there is hope. May Gods grace continue to abide with us all

    • Thank God,thank you .Yes we have to,i often procrastinate a lot of things which isn’t good .Amen may His grace be with us all .Thank you for reading and leaving a comment .

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