O’ imperfection you have styled my life

you fit me so perfectly and i  am a size 12

As i shed some weight you adjust to fit me perfectly imperfect

You are your own seamstress

like an undersized dress you try to flatter my body ,every part and every curve.

O’ imperfection how i have learnt and still learn to embrace that you are part of me

But each time i try to take you off you squeeze even tightly to my body

I guess the seamstress adjusted you too tightly

Alas! ye art thy own seamstress

But i would not use you as an excuse not to take a shower

You would not stand in my way to try on that perfectly fitted clothing that has laid in my closet for so long.

I have used your presence as an excuse for the wrongs i do

I do not strive to be the best because i know you are always there for me to lay the blame on

You are tightly fitted and you don’t give me room to walk

I have become blue in the face because you have hindered the circulation of blood in my body

but not any longer beautiful imperfection .

I would use you as a platform , a stepping stone to do what is right

I have embraced that ye art part of me but i would not use thee as an excuse to do wrong

That perfectly fitted outfit that lay in my closet would suit you well

It will seam you to itself

Him being a perfect tailor

Gradually your  seams  ,your linings and stitches  would loosen from me

There would be a network of seams and tacking between you and that perfect outfit

Every eyes will behold that perfect outfit and You would no longer be  as visible as you used to

I have been styled by you for so long but now i hand over the threads and needles to perfection in CHRIST

Alas! i am free from your grip ,you have been swallowed up .



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