It was a lovely warm night .

Gazing through the window, watching  as  night fell.

The colours of the sky transitioning ,

sky Blue,aqua blue,aqua green and red in a diluted shade.

As the trees reached out its green leaves to embrace the sky

making it difficult to differentiate .

As the sky and the trees met at a point ,

i could feel the synergy as i gazed intently .

Shutting out everything around me ,

I felt myself being captured in the strength that lured me in slowly yet deeply.

My beautiful jewel ,My king 

yet again you have swept me off my feet with the things you created.


4 thoughts on “SWEPT OFF MY FEET

  1. dis writer, i kip pondering, wondering, wer u rily get,derivd ur words, phrases, composed sentences from, u write reality describing wit nature, hmmm, words arrangd as if dat was actualy hapening, i truely love dis, dis KING, hmmm….no man can eva get a full knwlegd of him, no mata d extent of ur litteracy…His mysterious indeed, great author, kip writing to touch minds…..d seeds u sow, wuld definitely spring up as far der is a KING who sits on a high throne, i hail ur gift cos we hardly get writrs of such quality, ur filld wit great inspiratns to write, neva allow it die, cos i nd so many who u dnt knw feed on dem to get going…God bles u, wish to meet u soon.

    • hehe..i thank God .His power is seen through everything he created.I am grateful to God and by His grace i would not misuse or under use His gift ,thank you for the comment .

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