My Native Warrior

Setting my eyes on you as you walked through the sandy streets;
You captured me with your physique.
The scent of the woods that surrounded you ,
The firmness of your hand that made me feel secure in your embrace,
The glow of your skin as the ray from the sun bounced of your cocoa coloured skin,
The soothing melody of your voice as you called my name with the accent that followed,
The sweat that fell from your face as you bent your back to work the soil;
As morning dew ,it watered the crops .

The dancing palm trees moving to the rhythm of our love as we played in the forest,
The freshness of the air that  dried away your dripping body after a days work in the plantation.
The sound of victory that echoed from the mouth of the villagers as you returned from a battle;
Waiting patiently to serenade you with affection as I put the spoil you brought home from the battle away.
The gladness that filled your heart and the tone of your voice as you recall the story of your victory.

My native warrior ,you awaken my heart with your aura and eyes with amazement .
You never return from a days hunt empty handed;
The masculinity in your arm so firm as you bring in the game.
My wooden chest that lay in our hut is filled with expensive materials,beads and priceless stones;
With the labour of your hand you cloth me ,I am beautified each day with the smile you leave on my face.

I am delighted to cook a heavy meal for you till the break of day ,
with freshly picked vegetables and the game you bring home ;
and a dash of love as the secret ingredient.
Siting beside you as you eat from the handmade calabash , placed over the mat I wove together;
Serving you like royalty.

My lips never cease to appreciate and talk about you.
In the market place i am the envy of all other maidens ;
In the council of men ,you are the envy of all other warriors because you have me by your side,
(smiling) Yes! I am proud to be yours.
Oh my native warrior you were preserved for me from the beginning of time.
my native warrior,I am subject to you ;like the church is subject to Christ and ,
Like the proverbs 31 woman, I would seek to do you good all the days of my life.


12 thoughts on “My Native Warrior

  1. hmmm…writer….cool one, nix article, but tell us, hw do u get inspired?
    u write as if dis tins are actually real, nd out of experience, wen writrs write so dip lik dis we get to wonder if dey experience a dip love life lik wat has bin illustratd above….kudos to u, wish to meet dis writr somday, cos u hav alot of questns to ansa…pls kip posting, we kip reading nd bettering all aspect of our lives.

    • lol hmmm we’d have to have a separate talk on that. i posted it under love express category and i guess that sums up everything.i stuff in mind when writing .ok hope u get ur wish and u have met me .thank you for stopping by .please keep your support coming

  2. wow,Amazing I must say! tis so surprise how the jet age has turned us away from the olden day love!! Nice write up! lovely composure! I must love one day oh!!!!Lol…..cheers

    • lol ikr is a beautiful thing.thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment .i really appreciate it. lol@ i must love one day too oh.hehe

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