lights ,camera,Action

if my mind were a movie you would love it ;
well if it were all about you ,you may love it.
if it were a movie you may fast forward it with eagerness to see the end;
or  fast forward it because you may not like the scenes .
if it were a movie you may replay or rewind it to recapture the moments.
I wish it was so ,well partly;
But sorry my mind is not a movie.
Most scenes this mouth can’t utter just yet,
Most acts these hands can’t pen down just yet.
However,i am glad it is not a movie because there are scenes that should not be there  ;
Scenes being worked on by the Editor-in-Chief and the inspired manual .
 if it were a movie, it may inspire many or step on many toes 
or may be do both.
But my mind isn’t a movie,
so until i put into words what is in my mind ,
you’d never know ;
until i play out the scenes in reality ,
you would keep guessing. 


2 thoughts on “lights ,camera,Action

    • the mind is where the war takes place but only when we act on what is in the mind ,that those around us would either be inspired or annoyed or may be both.
      Thank you faithful reader !

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