she passed by the 20 quid that lay on the floor;
The sincerity knitted into her heart won’t let it lay there
or act on the finders keepers quote.
she picked up the cash;
stopping passers by ,
asking them if they had lost some cash.
she was determined to find the owner of the money that lay in the midst of broken bottles
she decided to give it to the store next by incase the owner came looking .
she went home thinking .
she checked her pocket because she remembered she just got paid for the day’s work
she saw a 10 but the 20 was gone
well what do you know,the money was hers.
Feeling pretty embaraced,
she had to let the shop attendant know.
She never knew she lost it .
Giving a thought to it ,this shop attendant did not do as she said she would,
she placed the money in one of the tills .
I guess the manager told her to do so.
Well i am glad i realised on time that the money was mine.
With a heart of thanksgiving ,
I say thank you God for letting me look down to the floor;
and not letting me lose the labour of these hands You gave me
Yes i am the she.


2 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND

  1. Jez….wow…wat an article….i ask again…wer do u get dis stories from? or is dis a real life experienc?
    or inspiratns gottn?

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