I have watched you grow into a beautiful young lady .i know life has been tough on you.we have all had a piece of life’s jaffa cake but you my dear have fought the battle of warriors as you watched your childhood pass by .You tried to be the seal that would keep your parents together .we knew that the vows they made years ago had lost its grip and could no longer keep them together .

Once i heard my best friend ,your mother was pregnant ,i strongly hoped that the seed she carried would eventually bring forth the fruit of togetherness .You came into this world and you had to  listen to daily banters of arguments ,slamming doors and loud screams of hurt.

you usually took solace in my apartment which was few miles away just like a child stuck in the middle of a horrifying war scene seeking for the nearest possible route of escape.

Now my darling ,under my watchful eyes i tried my best to make sure that none of their hurt left a scar in you but there was so much i could do and see.Atarah please listen to the words i write let every letter fall in place and form resounding words in your heart :

You have locked yourself out for too long

i can see beyond the smiles you try to put up when we talk

you have caged your heart and hidden it away from those willing to treasure it

i know it is difficult to trust your heart to anyone 

seeing what your mum suffered in the hands of your dad

yes ! there may be hurt but be willing to take risks my princess

You are a smart lady don’t let the deceitful tongues of men lay on your ears

dripping words of lies on them 

you have locked your heart away and thrown the keys to sea

i hope the guy that finally steps to you is willing to swim far to bring the keys to the shore of your heart 

without the need of a life guard

i hope  the one would do all he can just to unlock the sunshine in  your heart and 

no matter how long it takes he is willing to wait patiently on the warm sand at shore

But darling,he would need your permission to insert the key to your heart 

please understand ,he may run out of patience if you leave him at the mercy of the cold sea breeze.


it was not a walk in the park for i and  my husband  either 

we had to set our differences aside 

and daily we held close to God  and our vows we made appeared renewed ,daily.

My darling ,don’t let the one pass you by because of fear and doubt .

i know he is around the corner and he would be God sent

but would you let him in?


Be strong and remember i love you and i would keep praying for you

when he comes i believe you would know him.



4 thoughts on “Atarah

  1. God! sincerely i’v never read such an article in my whole life…is this really an article from d seats of inspiration or written portraying a real life story? Atarah! captivating, a warning to young minds, etc….kudos to Ocean of Grace.

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