Warning!!! the flood is coming ,a woman dressed in green warned,
‘Hide for safety,guard your lands and don’t let the flood destroy it’, she cried;
a message she brought from the creator to His daughters.

All girls ran for safety except one girl
as she watched, still trying to make a decision,
the clouds turned dark and the skies were filled with lightening
the thundering sounds so frightful that she ran to take shelter

 few kilometres away from safety ,
she felt a drop of rain on her back sending chills down her spine
the cloud let out subtle drizzles
she loved how it felt close to her warm skin
as it trickled down every region

 lost in the ecstasy of every little drop that felt like care and peace,
then came heavy batters of rain
betraying the love and peace she felt at first
with no where to run to ,
she stood still hoping things would go back to the way it was

As the rain flooded her land,
killing every flower of beautiful memories she experienced
chocking the vegetation that beautified her land
keeping hope alive ,
she believed the flood would last for a moment

However ,it had succeeded in killing every butterfly she once felt
when droplets of soothing waters nourished her land
with the waters up to her neck ,
she finally screamed for help
as any further silence would lead to her death emotionally,socially and physically.

*Originally written in September* .


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