The answers are not in the books

book shelfI wanted to find my self.I finally did but now i want to find my other self,if you know what i mean.I need answers, well not really. I need to know how to love and love right.I have always lived by the books so as i walked the path of life I stumbled upon a book store named “answers to the matters of the heart”. Peace at last! I thought to my self as i beheld variety of books; over 30 aisles. Decisions, decisions,decisions as i perceived the aroma of new books.I could almost smell the inks on the pages. My quest was fast coming to an end.The very first book that finally caught my eye ,”5 ways to love”.The author,Professor Bedding Williams seemed to know a handful and even more,he wore glasses and had a gelled down hairdo with his fingers under his chin as displayed in on the photo before i could check the book out at the till ,another thought came to my mind about the book i had selected “5 ways to love?” when i had not found who to love so i dropped the book at the counter and continued to tour through the aisles.

I picked out another book titled,”the right person to love”.I read through the short intro and it read -I restrained my mind from wondering off into questions.cling!cling! the till made a sound.I walked out of the store and drove faster than ever,jumped out of the car, changed into something comfy with a Cup of cappuccino, i sat and read through the second book.Into the 3rd chapter, all seemed good so far.I had a pink note pad where i made notes and i already had 5pointers noted down.i’d willingly share two:
– He loves selflessly and unconditionally.if all the possible conditions you posses and is set before him is gone he still remains head over hills for you
-One who makes you his outmost priority. Listens to you and is patient towards any changes you going through

It made me imagine how easy it would be to love the right person.I mean it would be all about me but wait!!! what if the wrong person comes along and i find my self falling head over hills for the person. “This is very possible”,i though to myself.Everything in me wanted to close the book but i persisted for one more chapter to no avail,i couldn’t find the answers.I drove back to the store.It was about 6.00pm in the evening and i bought the book titled,”falling in love with the wrong person”.I felt some sought of achievement.

I whispered to myself,how can i prevent my self from falling in love with the wrong person?Surely I did not want that to happen but what if it did ? time would be wasted. I tried to cage my thoughts down for the night and catch some sleep but I was over powered by the loud voice of my thoughts;I managed to sleep for 3 hours.Then as early as 7.00am after taking a wash and having breakfast I headed to the store.Of course I knew the store would not be open till 8.00am but I felt the closer I am to the store, the closer the answers would be to me. 8.00am the doors of the store flung open and I stumped in as though the next minute struggled with me.By now I had earned my discount card as I had made three purchases already.

I saw a book titled,”7 right turns to make when you find your self falling in love with the wrong person” by Dr Emily brown.Bingo! i had found the final book i needed as i read through the 5th right turn, another question rose up in my head (what type of min do i seem to have?). What if at the fifth right turn i meet my perfect person how certain would i be that i have fallen out of love  with mr wrong if i never reached the seventh right turn? and, what if the person i think is the right person is just a chameleon at the 5th turn what are the characteristics of the right person?.At this point,i got fed up and sick of it all.The more i thought i was close to finding the answers, the further i felt from the answers as more questions arose in my head.I have no book spaces left for more books,how many points can i remember? have these steps ever worked for anyone? .Questions upon questions. Gradually the authors started seeming unknowledgeable to me. How come they did not think outside the box?

To be honest, i can conclude that the answers are not in the quest continues


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