Love at first conversation


I could have fallen in love with you at the very first sight of you
but that would have been a cliche
as everyone claims to fall in love at first sight
You are special my darling

we spoke all day and dark into the night
your words did so well to connect the dots in my emotions
and formed the words love as we ended each conversation
Finally, someone got it right!

Please do not get me wrong, you are a beauty to behold
but dearest,your looks did not capture me
as much as your words drew me to you
Your intellect was a wonder
how you spoke of Christ and the passion that followed in your words

my ears got filled with how intelligible your words were and is
i could feel the connection from your heart ,to your mind and to your lips
and as the words flowed out, it skipped every barrier and hit my heart
it was a target well aimed at , bulls eye?
i fell in love with you

You did not use any sweetened words or words of  flattery
but the sweetness of your words was tasted in the way you framed it
and the tone that followed your words were soothing to me
i felt truth as you spoke to me
courage was in every little ounce of your side of the conversation

you threaded where no one has dared with the words of your lips at our very first conversation
i fell in love with you habibi
it was love at first conversation!


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