Faded Infatuation

I feel things for you
You are all I ever wanted
Tall ,dreamy and breath taking
So with the few breaths you have not taken yet,
I’d make things right

You have the right body
Well masculine;firm and fit
Bearded and well kept
Your carriage is one any lady would want to be by her
walking down the park with her or hugging openly in public

It’s been 4 weeks since we started talking
and I wish to spend my life with you already
I’m into the relationship
It’s our one year anniversary,
what may lead to our forever
Now I can’t stand you
You’ve let your self go
flabs and folds
What did I see in you ?
Surely i was blinded

I fell in love with everything i could see
what i could hear
what i could feel
what i could touch
I fell in love aided by my  five senses
now my sense is back,
my love for you has gone

I wish I never committed in the first place
I don’t love you anymore
I guess I never did
The temporary colors have washed away with time
I no longer yearn for you
you met all my conditions
so i guess it was not an unconditional love
as i claimed it to be
you are my faded infatuation


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