No strings Attached

string instruments

Since we met in university
our song has been that of friendship
The orchestra has ben playing for years
We are in the music hall of our lives
our heart’s opera has been ready to sing a different tone
but scared it may be too high to hit

The instruments playing strong but softly
from the day we started talking and spending time with each other
the violin playing softly yet passionately
any one that listened from afar would think it had no roots
but as they paid attention to detail
they could hear the viola in our friendship play
though low in tone it was deep and fitted perfectly
with the cello

The times we pretended to be an item
chasing off people we did not like
that ushered in the rock guitar
as the soft spoken instruments stayed silent
it enumerated how strong we were
and how well we had each other’s back

The guitar solo is over 
all other string instruments joined in
Unknowingly, the melody had been heard by those around
so it drew attention with its strength to our music hall
it was amazing to hear how the banjo of our uniqueness
blended in so nicely
such harmony!

how the rough misunderstanding we had
like the harshness of the electric guitar
married closely with the mandolin
together it was like the angels
joined in with the harp

We’ve had the lute in our friendship
when we decide to behave ancient and medieval
..”tis now time thus passeth”…
making absolutely no sense
yet we enjoyed every moment as marked by the cello of our laughter
then the sophistication of our movie outings and hang out
restaurant visits , indian please!!
as we listen to the sitar play

soon no one could withstand the beauty they heard outside
a few decided to delve a step further
to have a first hand experience
but to their amazement they noticed ,
there were no strings attached


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