God answered my prayer with a smile


11 years ago I met a girl Beautiful as the evening stars and I was spell bound and fell in puppy love 🐶
My heart would pound like yam every time I saw her, well unfortunately the feelings were not mutual.
I prayed for  the day I would not be shy to speak to her, the day I would at least call her my friend.
God answered my prayer with a smile, a well crafted smile. One so wide to show me that distance didn’t affect true friendship, Dimples so deep reminding me how deeply I cared.
And as the days turned into months, and months to years, and finally the decade went by,
I discovered that the girl who was a stepper was more than just that, she was a friend being prepared by God.
There are few people I care about enough to love with a huge part of my heart
So should our friendship fade in time, or should it die  choked with business ?
No because everytime you smile and look in the mirror remember you have a friend who would be there smiling back at his own iPhone 😁:D wishing you well and looking out for you.
God answered my prayer with your smile


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