Dear Friend, Say it as it is

Dear Friend,
Don’t tell me what i want to hear but tell me what i need to hear
Don’t tell me you love me  yet you are all chicken to tell me what needs to be done,what i need to know and  what would potentially save my soul
I may get angry or irritated when you tell me the truth but at least it’s the truth

Don’t give me meat substitute and call it meat because you think i’d be mad at you (you know i like meat)
I would probably be mad but not as mad as i’d be to find out you lied
Don’t see me treating honest gentle men in a wrong manner
and laugh with me when you know it’s wrong
Don’t congratulate me when i do something contrary to what is expected by God just to make me feel good
Please call me out

I may try to deceive myself that all is well
but a voice other than mine telling me what i need to hear would slap senses back into me
Faithful are the wounds of a friend as stated in proverbs 27 vs 6
so please wound me with your words or if it be physical wound, do so
but don’t kiss me with lies as an enemy ought to,
or embrace me with toxic niceness
please care for my soul

Tell me i’m wrong for being sexually immoral;
Giving up myself  to a guy who is not my husband
Tell me i’m wrong for not standing up for what is right,
for not being straight forward with my feelings
Tell me i’m wrong for dressing in a seductive manner
Tell me! so i may run back to God in repentance

Cry with me , laugh with me, dance with me , joke with me but  PLEASE
Dear friend, say it as it is.


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