Scars Speak

The scars on my face
remind me I am no more a child
It tells me you went through puberty
but a few tell me you should have cut down on your fatty food

The scar in the middle of my chest
reminds me of how playful I was, and still am
however, It reminds me how carefree I was
How being a girl never stopped me from taking physical risks
It tells me I was not afraid to climb Air Conditioner protectors
But would scream like a girl once the scar is created
I look down between my chest over 10 years later,
It still seats there

The scar on my bum tells me I am always on the move,
Even in my sleep,
as a 6 year old
That my imaginations run wide
I’m a dreamer
to the extent of thinking a lantern to be the toilet seat
It  definitely reminds me that my bum is sensitive

The scar on my elbow tells me of how much I trust family
How well I trust my junior brother
How silly I am to think a 4 year old could lift a 10 year old
It tells me pain may not be felt when  glass tears ones skin
bleeding in ignorance doesn’t hurt but the knowledge of the
wound makes one sore
It tells me healing may hurt

The scar on my right leg
left after a boil
tells me wounds may heal
but not enough to be forgotten
that scars would be left if you do not let the hurt be

The scar on my hand
tells me to be careful with hot things
to concentrate
and pay attention to the work at hand

All my scars tell me I’ve lived
It tells me I’ve endured
That I have a story
It tells me that I’m mortal
We are finely moulded clay,
That this flesh breaks
We are like vapour

The scars within
Which no eye can see
left by losing loved ones or
gaining an award or recognition
being loved or forsaken
Tell me, I’m more than skin
That the times I hurt are my scars
The times I laugh are my pleasant scars

In it’s totality , all the scars tell me
I bleed both within and without
that all would pass and soon be  a memory
but soon the memory would be no more

They tell me I can be broken
yet still live as though nothing happened
they remind me i conquered
both physically and emotionally

I am full of scars
Scars that speaks


2 thoughts on “Scars Speak

  1. I always loved story’s behind scars. We carry them around or whole life, we will always remember the story behind them perfectly. Scars tell a lot about a person. Just like yours!

    Loved reading this(:

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