Parched Soul- 1

I drank tirelessly of the well
I had no thirst whatsoever
It filled me and in it’s satisfaction i rested
My soul well hydrated and
healthy, withstanding every vice

Now I have been thrusted into wilderness
the distractions that surround me
the unworthiness i feel when i fall short
how can i drink of that righteous stream
when dirt is lurking in my soul

I haven’t drank in days
yet it fills like a year
though surrounded with the well of salvation
I have no strength to draw
I need my joy restored

I am by the fountain of life yet dehydrated
I have let my shortcomings tell me I can’t drink any more
I am weak and my soul has started to get pale
this extreme need yet surrounded by the solution
but i can not fully embrace it

A few days ago, i felt drops on the tongue of my soul
and a few trickle from head to toe
giving me renewed strength
as i cried for mercy and grace to fight
but I am in need of several splashes and many buckets full
I would rather be over hydrated

I have looked to water substitutes
the juices of this world
yet i am even more parched
my soul yearns after you,


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