Heart’s rhythm

When you are absent my heart beats normal
One two one two
75 beats per minute
I’m at rest knowing I’m loved
It’s at rest because we aren’t speaking
but we are on good terms

Then you decide to message me,
“hey babe , missing you”
then it starts racing softly
as it embraces the thought that she’s being missed
One one two one

I am asleep and then the phone rings
with your specially chosen caller tune
my heart beats faster
following the beat of the ring tone
till i finally find the phone at it’s hiding place
My heart is then put to rest hearing your voice

It’s my birthday
One complain to another because you said you were busy but
You decide to show up at my door step with flowers
unsuspicious i was when i opened the door as the door bell rang
only to behold your beautiful face
By this time my heart was in my mouth
I could feel the upper chambers of my heart beating so fast
like an atrial fibrillation
as you came closer to give me a hug
and plant a kiss on my cheek

My hearts rhythm is back to normal
as we walk hand in hand to the place you had booked for dinner
then on approaching i hear, “surprise”
It was the voices of our friends and family
and then i turn to give you a friendly punch
only to see you on your knees

ONE! one! one! one
Two two two
Three One one!!
went my heart as eye see you open the box with the ring
my rhythm became pleasantly ectopic
as i began to cry before you asked,
Would you marry me ?

I can dance to each rhythm of my heart
if it were recorded
from the time we met , to the time you said i love you
many memories down the line
and now to our forever
You are my hearts rhythm


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