Majority of me

Would you love me each day with ever hour of your life ?
Would you close your ears to the voices of those that want you ?
You say you will and your love would do much more

So majority of me wants the love you offer
It knows you’d take good care of me
It says I’d be just safe in your arms
It says my heart would dance
when you sing your love to me with your actions
That’s what majority of me believes

Majority of me wants to say yes to your love and affection
It wants to hope in the hope you have for our future together
It wishes to set sail with you to our forever together
And rest at the shore of your heart

Majority of me wants to serve you yet stand beside you
It says , “wake up and smell the coffee of his love”
bathe in the perfume of his willingness to sacrifice
It says, “This could be an example of Christ’s love for his church”

Majority of me tells me life with you would be amazing and full of love
It sees us as man and wife
It says I’d find rest in and with you

But my darling,
Minority of me says and sees different
It has a loud voice and wears glasses
I hope the majority shuts it up soon and breaks it’s glasses


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