When the circle gets smaller

Our differences are too big
We have different believes
We aren’t the same height
We are at different levels financially,
spiritually an mentally
pride has gotten in the way

We are from different states and countries
You don’t trust that I’d never say an evil word behind your back
You dint trust that I’m praying for you
You don’t trust that I’d cry with you
I am married with a family to call my own
You are single and living as you like
or so it seems

We’ve gone to different parts of the world
We’ve grown to have different interests
Our hearts are chasing after different things
Our goals are reaching different nets
Our echoes of need traveling at different distances

You have fallen ill
So many medications and prescriptions by your side  stool
Frail and shrivel we have become
Time is no longer on our side
but we are clenching to every minute
and  any minute from now ,
We’d be unplugged
Returning to what eternity holds for us

These are when the circle gets smaller
It started with 10 of us at the play ground in our neighbourhood
A big circumference we had
then we became 7 at nursery,
6 at primary school, 5 at boarding school
4 at university, 4 at our various careers
fighting our differences fiercely
and distance with virtual messaging
now in the advanced world,
we lost one to age,
Now 3, we became a triangle


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