To my mother- in- law

I have just said “yes” to your son
It is the right time to start calling you mum,
my second mum
Thank you and dad for raising a king
for raising a soldier, my soldier
He fought tirelessly for my heart
for sharing with him proverbs 31 vs 10 -31
He says i fit beautifully into that picture
though i’d argue i do not
and i believe i do not
He only sees God’s mercy covering me
i’d confess

I’m thankful he broke your water and came when he did
I’m thankful to God for giving you the strength to push him out
you have nurtured him spirit, soul and body
showed him how a woman should treat a man
by treating his dad right
I mean you can see it all over dad’s face
the man is still in love after all these years
You showed him how a woman reacts
when treated like the flower she is
she releases all her nectar
and her fragrances burst out on him

I do not wish to take your place
but i wish to continue the care you have given him
to satisfy his daily needs in our union
to be that listening ear
The  firm yet comfortable shoulder that he could lean on
to make him feel warm in my embrace
and secure when he comes home

Would he go hungry ,
no mum for with everything i am i’d feed him
His spirit ,soul and body would be fed fat in every way
Smiles would be his daily expression
Would he go thirsty ? no mum for with the streams of my love
I’d quench his thirsts
would he go without cloths ?
no mum , if money be the hindrance
I’d hand make his garment all through the night for him
like a king he is, I’d cloth him

would he ever be lonely ?
yes mum
If i only offer him  myself ,
all the physical aspect of me , then he will
but no mum because we both have christ
who is our strength and daily gives us strength
to be there for each other when we are at far distances
I am ever thankful for a mother in law like you
for giving me your son
Thank you for carrying him for 9months

Fear not mother-in-law
I would love and cherish him daily
He is my beloved
and I am his
His love would continue to rest in my heart
and mine in his  ❤ ❤


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