Worded Heart’s Relationship

I never promised that I’d love you
That i’d be faithful with my words
that when my heart speaks
I’d run to you
to share it with you

But I promised I’d never leave you
Ok, I did not
but with all my heart goes through
you should know that
every experience is a promise
that i’d share it with you

My pen has kissed the papers so many times
my handwriting flowing differently almost every time
my fingers have loved the keys so much
my ears are ready to hear the rhythm
produced from my heart to my fingers
and then on the keyboard
My eyes dancing as it sees
the words flowing on the screen

This relationship has caused my feet
to stand before audience
my body to move as i act out each word
or a handful or more of the words I write
solo act or group act
or just standing there
with my lips moving to the rhythm of words
beautified with experience, truth and fiction

It’s been three years
Since I decided to make this relationship stronger
After more than a decade of hiding
I chose PDA (public display of affection)
To put us out there like  never before

I have loved every minute of our relationship
My heart loves the fingers with words not seen
my finger loves the pen with words I can see
My fingers extends this kindness to the keyboards
so all eyes can see

This is to three years
of having a worded heart relationship
openly displayed for eyes i do not see
to interfere freely
to be a part of this journey

three years anniversary !!!!


2 thoughts on “Worded Heart’s Relationship

  1. Your works are beautiful and free-spirited. There’s a lot of heart and soul you put into it that makes your writings come alive. Keep it up.

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