“What Ifs” and “But God”

These are moments we wonder how life goes
Where life goes and why it goes the way it does
when decisions are made
The outcomes leading to thankfulness or
a few regrets
When circumstances grace us with our expectations
and a few pleasant or unpleasant surprises

These are the times when our hearts , thoughts and lips
are filled with questions
Mainly what ifs
As we recall the past mistakes, misunderstandings, decisions,
With this questions we hope to amend the past
and predict the future

What if I had studied a different degree
What if my plans for the future fails
What if I never dated him/ her
What if i was dark or fair
What if i was as outspoken and not let people walk over me
What if tomorrow never comes

What if I get married and the marriage doesn’t go as planned
What if my friends don’t call me back
What if my whole life was a dream
What if i picked her call, may be she wouldn’t have gone and gotten killed
What if I trust my heart to someone that does not take care of it

Our minds filled with questions that of blame, doubt and fear
What if my kids don’t love me the way i love my parents
What if i got married to someone different
What ifs may not be negative but could be one that stirs up gratitude

One major “what if “that stirs a joyous answer ,
What if Christ did not save a wretch like me
What if I was left to myself in this sinful world without a redeemer
and the answer not far fetched
But God in His wisdom and mercy came to redeem me
I f i had been the only one He would have come anyways

So let’s set aside the “what ifs” that stir up doubt
and cling unto the But God
But God in His mercy would supply all my needs
But God is my helper
But God meant everything for good that which they meant for evil
But God is slow to anger and abounding in love

The “what ifs” stirs up anxiety
The “but God” stirs us hope and rest in God’s sovereignty


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