Those were days you hoped for
but did not achieve
Moments you prayed about
and it seemed no one was listening
you fought but no one knew what the battle was
the days you were perplexed and beaten
clobbered by life’s uncertainties
Mind wrestled, with thoughts of pain

Why did I let you come close
Why did I come close
Filthy garments
where did your friends go
why did my friends go
why did we leave our friends out of it


These are days you’re living in
now here are balms
to sooth your once bleeding arms
ointment to salvage you cracked knees
with which you knelt night and day
Praying and seeking answers
with this water I wash you
these are perfumes to add fragrance
No, to change your fragrance
Making your life stand out
No one would mistake what you stand for

Present !!

These are the days you hoped for
when comfort comes from every side
friendship felt in every silence
Mercy, love and hope released from every corner
Compassion from the east ,west, north and south
Hadassah from Yeshua

Forever !!



2 thoughts on “Hadassah

  1. As far as the east is from the west, as far as the heavens are from the earth, so is His love and mercies towards His own. Hosanna in the highest!!

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