What’s on your mind

The day you won a medal
The day you loved so deeply
The time you gained a scholarship
The time you trusted your love and heart to someone
The time you laid in bed with he/she who wasn’t your husband/wife
the time you gave yourself to lust and minutes pleasure
When you walked away from a parasitic friendship
and embraced that beneficial one
When you sang that song that got you a standing ovation
What’s on your mind?
Past glories, failures and mistakes

you are reading a book
The story seems so real
the characters come alive in your mind
Cooking a meal
Havig a conversation at the coffee shop
Listening to him profess his love to you
Saying a prayer and trusting for today
Enjoying a good meal with the girls
Laughing and chatting away
Enjoying the scenery of the sky and
all the flowers that bloom
What’s on your mind?
Your present , it’s reality and beauty

When you’d get married
Who you would get married to
Would he take me with all my secrets and past
Would he see me as a lady fighting
Would he enter the battle field with me
No, not fight me
but fight with me to preserve my soul

Where would you end up settling down
Would you be famous
Would you end up doing all the things I always wanted to
How many kids would you have ?
My beautiful princes and princesses
Seating around me

Listening to their mum tell them of life’s lessons
Ones she wished she did not learn that way
and the ones she is thankful for
Concluding each story with gratitude
for all lessons learnt because my kids
would know to avoid them in their lives

Would I quit my job and travel the world
Who would be part of my friend circle
Would I end up on the mission field
Would my soul find rest
Would my feet stand still and enjoy the moment
or would it wonder off seeking for new adventures
What’s on your mind?
Future hopes, prayers and dreams

What’s On your mind?
Life as we know it
All sorts of thoughts
but the future thought seem to be more
but one resolve is ,
God is sovereign!!


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