Nature has loved me better

I do not plead for something extravagant
I did not ask for anything out of the ordinary
yet you decided to treat me extraordinarily cruel
I hoped and prayed each day that you’d love me
Love me as nature does

I daydreamed that one morning you’d kiss my forehead
Like the morning dew when I’m out underneath the roof
about to go for a jog
Sending subtle shivers down my spine

I wondered if it would ever be a reality
When you’d follow me everywhere I went
to make sure I got there safe
just like my shadow
or at least checking up on me

Or maybe I’m being selfish
Let me be able to stand in the warmth of your love
without you throwing unnecessary shade at me
Forget about creating a taller shadow out me
All I want is to receive energy in your light just like a flower
May be that way you’d see my shadow
and know that I’m human too

I smiled at the thought of the wind
How it embraces me so many times
More than you’ve ever done
How it smells my hair so much

The way the wind  wonders how i’d look with a different style
so it blows it away
Yet in that untidy nature
it still thinks I’m beautiful

I remembered how you created ripples
at the shore of my heart when we first met
now all I feel is the raging storm of resentment
Your fire is no longer just right to keep me warm
but now it’s hotter and burning against me

I wish you could learn from the moon
as you take those your walks that seem to take forever
Though large to the sight of others,
it doesn’t mind if the stars shares it space with it
Why do you feel like I’m crowding you

I want to  feel weightless around you
Just as though I’m on the moon
Please rotate around me,
Let me be your earth

Now it seems like I’m begging for your attention
I’d keep silent and just watch
I guess you aren’t as soothing as nature
I hope one day ,
You’d consider nature

I always wanted a simple love
something natural and soothing
but appears to be supernatural
I got that in the early days
Nothing can compare
Okay! but If I’m being honest,
Nature has loved me better


2 thoughts on “Nature has loved me better

  1. Hmmm… Epic… Love gone wrong… Love turned sour.. Yet another beautiful masterpiece. Well-done!! 👏👏👏👏😊😊
    Don’t stop.

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