Not everyone wants your testimony

Before you pray for someone
don’t assume you know what they want
Just because they are a certain age or at a certain stage in life
or because the majority of people in that age seem to want the same thing
or hope for the same thing

Everything is going more than you expected,
that’s lovely but your expectation is not the same as others
so no more using yourself as a point of contact
when you aren’t sure if the person wants you to be the point
Simply ask the person you want to pray for, their expectation
and pray for them specific to their need
If they want what you have ,
then you can wish them the same and pray for them

You are happy with your testimony
but not everyone would be happy if they had your testimony
even if you both are at the same level, age
or have had similar breakthrough
what if the last breakthrough was the last similarity between you  both

Are you going into university , getting married,
starting a business, having a baby etc that’s beautiful
when people come to celebrate with you
If you feel the need to help them attain what you have
based on your assumption that they want to be where you’re at, don’t
or If you feel the need to wish them the same ,don’t
show your gratitude and pray that God grants them the desire of their heart
according to His will


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