The Walls Heard

When I cried because I was hurting
When things were not going great and I complained
Burning the night’s candle studying for exams
Trying to recall what’s been read
so I read it out loud
When I sleep talk and shout in my dream
When I called friends on phone
Laughing and chatting our time away

When I seek God
Or read the bible out loud
They heard my exclamation whilst  watching true teachers of the gospel
How their words pierced deep
or times there were no words I just snapped my fingers
They heard the sigh in surprise
when listening to false teachers being exposed

The time I rehearsed what I’d say at interviews,
at performances, songs I’d sing before the audience
when I said things I shouldn’t
or spoke in a way I ought not to
Holding non- edifying conversations with people
Making promises I knew in my heart I could not keep
When I spoke to myself in the mirror
After trying on a new outfit
the many times I played different characters

You may be a stranger to everyone
We may let you see all you want
but One thing we  know
Is that in every building we have been
Every house we have lived
The thoughts we think out loud
Though there are walls,
We should know they aren’t strangers to our real selves
The walls heard


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