We made love then fell in love

It’s the passion we felt in each others presence
More of a spiritual feeling than physical one
A choice than a mere circumstance

We stimulated each others intellect
In more ways than one, our hearts raced
Raced towards the same goal

We made love in every way we could
We had no boundaries or limitations
We explored ourselves in every moment life gave us
In difficult and hard times we connected

You do not blow the covers out of proportion
When I get on your nerves
You patiently waited or lovingly ignored me

When the money started coming in from my side
I put a lock on my mouth
preventing every boastful word from being released

Oh! this aspect is the most thrilling
How you let me share in the decisions you had to make
Insisting I gave my advice
You never insisted on your own way

I understand it is difficult to  see me being on top
but I’m glad we both know things don’t remain that way
there are moments which are most times when you are on top
so I’m glad we do not let envy get in the way

Our love making wasn’t a smooth one
as there were times when our bodies were so eager
Almost getting carried away
dishonouring each others body

Or times when we tried to sugar coat the evil in our hearts
as displayed in what we said or plans we made
clinging to our passions there by putting the work to a pause

Making love between us took so much energy
but it was worth the sweat
both the Highs and lows

If we didn’t make love
We would have been wondering where it all went wrong
Nothing to assure us of how genuine our feelings were

We would have had no cushion
We would have been left with  broken bones
or wounded hearts in the process

Yes, my darling
I am glad we made Love
then fell in love



2 thoughts on “We made love then fell in love

  1. Remarkable!! A beautiful combination of live and respect. Being able to look back at errors made is a gift from heaven. Wanting to make things right, pressing on to greater heights, when the one is high the other is upheld. Indeed love was made and fallen into. 😊😊👏👏👌💞

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