Full Mind

I would be leaving soon and I wouldn’t see him till the next holiday
so I’d let him touch me and let our bodies come close
I’d shot out every thought that may want to stop me
but no, there is no thought arising
what’s on my mind
Is what is about to take place
How my body feels and soul yearns for this

I let everything happen
It’s been an escalation of closeness
with those who have shown their interest
and I seem to like
Be careful if you think you stand , less you fall
but here i stand in the midst of my emotions

My strength failing each time
No one has ever come this close
Never again would anyone come this close
If I must abandon you all together with the rest
to honour Him, so be it
You were fast to dive in
You did not feel as bad as I did
I feel you treated me unkindly
Preserve my purity
Lead I said !!

No not that way I’m going
Lead me away
Lead me to truth
Filthiness is a state of mind
and also a state of heart
then a state of the body
Please change my state

Sorry, If my thought is all over the place
that’s where my thoughts have gone
they don’t seat down
It rests for a minute
Then off it goes !!
my mind is packed

 * Originally written months back *


2 thoughts on “Full Mind

  1. These are the thoughts of a pilgrim. It is so easy to forget that one is not of this world simply because one IS IN this world. The battle against evil is on every form of awareness, from the conscious, to the sub conscious even down to the unconscious. This sin in the flesh is the involuntary muscle in the child of God that either causes him to rebel or repent. Thanks be to God that the curse of sin has been lifted from the elect though the sin remains in the flesh. Just as Paul said he did things he didn’t want to do and vice versa, he later went on to say he put his flesh under subjection, having seen that it is quickly to sin. My prayer for all of us who run this race down the strait road is that when we see sin we will run. Because He hates it, and He will destroy those who possess it with His furious wrath of justice. And may His love strengthen us to run till the end. Amen. Beautiful piece.

    • Thank you for this detailed and insightful comment. Yes indeed one is a pilgrim and arming ourself that though we are in this world we must fight against it by the power made available to us in Christ. Thank you so much 🙂

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