Please Cry.

I know you’re trying to be strong
I can feel your pressure rise
as though the oceans are trapped within
It’s waves tugging at your heart and mind
As you remember the times you shared with your loved one
The memories seem to propel confusion
False sense of strength
I know we have never seen you break down
or be vulnerable before us
But we know when you are hurting
You become oblivious
and denial starts to set in

I have been where you are at
I have lost a friend and a colleague
If those relationships seem too distance for you
For me to make you realise that I’ve been in your shoes
I have lost a family member
Every loss is hard
Whether blood or not
The strength of the relationship is what makes it even harder

If your loss is a heart break
Someone not seeing your worth
No matter how hard you tried to show them
Or may be you are just homesick or miss someone so badly
I’ve been there too
but I wouldn’t say I know exactly how the shoes feel
Same shoes but different feet belonging to different people
So No matter when that feeling comes or how it feels
It’s important to express it
Express it in a way you find relief and still have your sanity

Don’t hold back
Scream if you must
No!! you must
So please scream and let the walls hear your pain
Don’t spare our ears
May be that way we’d know how to sympathise with you
Let the oceans flow freely
Ask all the questions in your mind
but don’t beat yourself up
Ugly cry , because those are the tears that speak more
It shows the beauty of the relationship
The one you shared with the one your heartaches for

Don’t commit suicide
Don’t lose trust in God
Don’t be afraid of a hug
or of the sympathies you might get
Don’t be afraid to give your love to someone else
We know you are human
and it hurts
No, we won’t see you as weak
We all know you aren’t weak
You are very strong
strong enough to push out all your pain
Laying it bare through your eyes and before all eyes
Whether those around genuinely sympathise or not

In the shock of the moment
and blank stare into space
Let your pumps open up
Let your eyes see through the streams that flow
as your minds continue to race
and finally slows down its speed
Your heart finding relief
the pressure within steps down
Let your eyes eventually feel cool
As the streams dry out
The same coolness your heart feels

All these are beautiful feelings
but you can only feel joy and comfort
when you let go
Let go of the tears we see you trying to hold back
Please don’t spare your sheets or pillow
They’ve shared your happy thoughts
Good and horrible dreams
I’m sure they’d love to share your pain too
They’ve heard you talk in your sleep and snore away
I’m sure they can handle your screams

Let your mascara run after a heart break
There is nothing pretty about pain
but there is so much beauty in healing
and every process that comes with it
We know you might not let it all out in one go
No one ever does and I doubt if that’s possible
Or it doesn’t just take one session to heal
but please start the first session
and other sessions would get easier
till you find complete relief

You want my honest advice
Or words of wisdom
To strengthen you at this time
While I embrace you and pat your back
then please take this short,
but powerful advice with all the love in my heart
One of the best things I do when in pain
Are you ready for this?
Ok here it is sunshine
please my darling, Cry.


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