I guess you can’t hear

I said it so many times but not in the words you expect
I said it in the moments we shared
In every prayer I prayed for you
To everyone that asked me out
By shielding  my heart away from anyone else

I said it by worrying about you each time you were away
Or I couldn’t reach you
I said it by telling you how much I missed you
How I think of our future
How I trust that everything would be alright
Even though things seem difficult now

I said it by complimenting you in anyway i could
encouraging you for your hard work
I said it by annoying you in little ways
and apologising in cheeky ways
I said it when you pulled your prank

I said it by telling you what my family felt
but at the end of the day their decision would be based on what I feel
I assured you of that
I said it and say it in different ways but I guess it doesn’t mean anything
what you see and what I do seems to be a blur to you
I guess you can’t see


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