Beautiful leftovers

The meal that comes in handy when you are hungry
when there is no time to prepare a new meal
but it’s still so tasty because it was a part of the new meal
the difference is it was eaten at a later date 
you were probably too full to stuff what was left when it was originally made 
so you decided to take it one mouthful at a time 
and keep the rest properly till needful 
when you’d appreciate the taste 
and be satisfied with it 

That’s my 2017
goals leftover from 2016

not due to laziness I must add
or maybe so

they are just as important now as it was then
chasing after it with so much eagerness
than before

 Goals that weren’t completed in 2016 
but needed to be hit properly instead of rushing over it 
Just ticking the boxes of accomplishment 
but not shading the boxes to perfection 
so no with the new year already gliding through 
and a huge hunger to do more strikes 
my mind being flooded with ideas 
I’d visit those goals I stored away 
to be attended to with so much focus 
as my strength it full
and I feel intense eagerness and passion to reach them

they are my beautiful leftovers


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