I’m fine

These are words that mean more than it implies
It’s not literal don’t be fooled
It’s embellished and added with hidden meanings
Aimed at warding of further questions
an answer to encourage further questions
that may lead to the main answer
sometimes it’s literal but that’s 5% of the time
give or take

I’d tell you what he or she means
behind the I’m fine is or may be ;
I’m confused and disheartened
Life hasn’t been great
lonely and sad
crushed and broken
I’m hurting and I don’t really want to talk to you
or I’m hurting and I want you to stay longer

The truth is,
you can tell what these words truly mean
just put the conversation on the scale
when last did you guys speak
what did you hear from someone that made you ask,
How are you ?
may be from you can reach a good conclusion

I’m fine but please be patient to hear the true meaning
or at least ask further questions
that way he or she knows you aren’t rushing off
or ticking the box of questions
going through your list as you start a conversation

How are you ? I’m fine
but what’s behind that answer ?
It’s more than a thousand words
what is felt?  More than a million volts
but what is expressed? these two little words


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