No butterflies

The nectar has been sucked out 
and the flowers are left with no taste 
or reason to be wanted or perched on
It’s nourishment still there and fragrance as strong as ever 
but it’s juices has been drained 
now she is left thinking 
wondering if she was flocked around for what she could offer 
that in that particular season
that was the only flower that produced sweet and smooth nectar 
and how much satisfaction they got 
 now it is all gone she is left alone
Loved by none only by passing shadows 
Wondering when her petals would fall
or someone would love her so much 
without a care in the world if she satisfies or not 
but would be please with fragrance she gives 
even to strangers passing 
She isn’t ashamed to flourish
Seeing the wondering hearts of why she has been left all this while 

Once caterpillars assembled round her 
but once they break out they fly away 
or a few break out and stay for a little while 
as her nectar is soothing and nourishing just for the time being
no fussy feeling left in her stomach days after 
or blushing petals at their presence 
just thought of what could have been 

Wondering If he was interested in something more
Whether she lost the reason he stayed or not 
but yet content with the person she is
and waiting till the next season
when the nectar is restored 
and is much more sweeter than before 
but the flower doesn’t point accusing fingers so much
he isn’t a botanist and doesn’t understand 
He doesn’t understand the times and the seasons
and isn’t acquainted with the lasting beauty in change and growing together 


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