Who’s loving you ?

I pondered long and hard
It wasn’t just a line from the Jackson 5 song
they wanted to know
and for me to answer that means I knew
and with that knowledge there must have been evidence

Clear to me but I couldn’t help but wonder
No , not wonder who’s loving me
but wonder “why ?”
surely there was a reason they asked
did I give off the characteristics of one being loved or
did I look as though I was starved love

Did i show that someone was happy to be around me
someone was strong enough to walk me through my weaknesses
someone showed me kindness and was patient towards me
did i show that someone made it his daily choice to reach out to me
and that I did same when he did

or did I show that i am being ignored
or treated like a stranger
after months of communication or what seemed like it
One being a pest and needy
seen as a beggar and in denial
One whose kindness is trampled on
One whose good has been forgotten due to grudges stored

Surely not. I’d say I gave off one who’s being loved
Loved in all respect and in every detail
and by this love , I gain the strength to love
not just in word but in deed
not just in soul but with might
Who’s loving me ?
He is the one loving me
My whole countenance says, “I have found him whom my soul loves”


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