After the FLOOD came the RAINBOW.

As she cried ,”mercy me” and the dark clouds rolled back ,
then came a rainbow
illuminating its various colours
it was a symbol of a covenant and colours of mercy.
a sign of forgiveness for not taking heed to her Father’s warning
an arc of forgiveness,
a bow of shelter from further wrath
seven colours of perfection radiating life around her.

Gradually ,the flood subsided
but it wasn’t willing to leave without leaving painful memories
as it noticed she gained strength from the colours of the rainbow
it drained gradually yet painfully
leaving scars and hurtful memories in her heart
making her fill guilt for every passion she once felt
she needed no reminder that she had threaded the wrong route .

All the water subsided and with the little strength
she looked down at her land
O,how unrecognisable it was
desolate it became as every fertile soil had been washed away
a land she spent 20 years cultivating and preserving ,
waiting for the right time of harvest lay in ruin
strength and dignity had been washed away by erosion,
disgusted did she feel.

As the seven colours of mercy shone even brighter on her land,
she picked up what was left and tried to put things in place.
Her face down to the floor,
she wished she had not neglected the council of her father ,the Creator ,and friends ,
grace and righteousness
Her father watching every move she made,
and weighing her heart ,saw repentance in her .

He called out to her friends who never left in the first place
she couldn’t reach out for their help because of her hardened heart and flooded soul.
as the sun shone its light on the rainbow
making its colour beam even stronger
her land became the reflection of its colours
her friends helped her cultivate her land and
under the loving presence of God the father and Creator ,
her once desolate land now lay fruitful and fenced all around

NB : This is the continuation of “THE FLOOD”


character search

As the day breaks

a new character unfolds,

each minute is an introduction to a new countenance;

a gallery of attitudes.

like the kadupul,

she is unpredictable.



The first day we met we were head over hills for each other,

some  called it love at first sight but i object to that.

i remember you bumping into me ,and as i looked at you ,

i was furious;

then at a second look ,i was totally blown away.

so i  would say it was love at second sight for me

but for you ,it was love at first sight (batting eyelashes) .

we spent each day talking to each other

we were inseparable

what was it about you?

why didn’t we enjoy our absence?

but felt very secure with each other ?

we understood each  other ,even without uttering a word

it was as though time stood still to experience each second of our action .

In our silence ,i could hear love speak as i gazed into your eyes

and the loud voice of affection as displayed on the smile on your face

from our youth we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together

and now as the clock ticks and our night is about to come,

six decades of our lives have passed yet,

there is no one i’d rather be with than you.

now we are old and grey ,

my eyes so dim as i watch you bend over with pain

yet cheerfully bringing me breakfast as i sat in the chair unable to utter a word,

your steps staggering but you made sure you served me right;

waiting patiently to see the smile on my face

 which was obstructed by the oxygen tube under my nostril.

now we are old and grey,

but our love never grew old and frail.

age is nothing but a NUMBER

I have been trying to grasp that i would be a year older in a weeks time

few weeks ago i had a dream that i could still be lifted by my dad

like he used to do when i was little.

what i would give to go back to the days.

but you know what they say ,backward never forward ever

but i would not mind stepping back a little

before facing the reality that i am growing up

i still have the need to cuddle my stuffed puppy that was given to me as a gift,

i still have that inner child in me that still wants to play on a bouncy castle,

run around in play grounds and just leave each day as it comes,

play tag, and hide and seek.

But as  days go by i feel just the same just another digit has been added to me

i am still that child from before ,only wiser and of course way way taller.

some days i lay in bed and  cry with need to be around my family

them being thousands of miles away;

with these feelings still intact,

i have joined the large few to conclude, that age is nothing but a NUMBER.

well,in this case it is.



On this blissful day I got up feeling so strong and ready for the days activity not knowing I was going to learn some deep truth. I went to the Office did some little work then headed to the field, on my way to the field I started thinking on certain issues I needed Gods supernatural provision. I started wishing my folks had played the right cards and did some proper planning I don’t think I would have had to subject my self thinking and holding on to God this much for what i needed his Assistance for, I wished I didt have any want or lack and just thought towards God to Help out .just as I was in deep thoughts I got a response instantly and this was the response ‘ if u have everything or didt have any want or lack you would forget me’ I was shocked,scared as to how the response came so fast. I started trying to understand what the response meant and I got deep insights that opened my eyes that God Denys us certain things so we could continue to depend on him,that when ever we get too comfortable we can forget God and his importance, we can dwell on our physical strength and efforts. so the one of the ways God gets our attention is to fix some wants and lack, fix some setbacks and challenges to get us to Him. God wants us to always talk to him and have him at the back of our minds. Most of us only get to know God in times of needs and wants,in times of challenges, God wishes we communicate with him but in Good and in bad, in surplus and in want. Must of us could forget God when he blesses us so he has to deny us of those blessings he knows if you have you ,would cause one to lose focus from Him. until he sees that sincerity and how genuine you are to seek him both in plenty or in little  ,then  he may release his blessings. i ain’t a saint am just a young dude trying to live a purposeful and Godly life.
so I urge us to try to keep our eyes on God no matter the blessing or gift, we were blessed to be a love him more draw closer to him more. Bless


by a friend of mine
Mr victor.

In a little and concise summary : 1corinthians 12 vs 7 – 10

7 So to keep me from becoming conceited because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations,[a] a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to harass me, to keep me from becoming conceited. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord about this, that it should leave me. 9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 10 For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

God is sovereign he knows what we need ,when we need it .


I drank the salt of my tears
I let the pain out
Thoughts racing from my past;
realising the grace that clothed me,
clothed me from the wrath of the almighty God.

As i came to realisation,
the pumps of the eyes opened up,
the voice of pain sounded,
grace has been taken severally for granted,
the mercy enjoyed taken as a mere gift;
instead of a gift to be cherished with ones life.

o ,that the depravity of man be seen
o ,that the depravity of man would be exposed
o ,that men would take the shades off
and stare their home of depravity in the face.

Thoughts kept racing
i saw my self hiding under grace
the grace that made a shield over me
a tent of security
and in my place it drank the wrath of God on my behalf.

Thoughts kept racing
i have been wounded by man.
i was asking God for help,
help to let go.

I was thankfully weeping;
something was happening,
conflicting thoughts,
conflicting emotions.
As i wiped the tears out,
my eyes felt the pain.

14.4.14 expression of emotions
that of pain,gratitude and peace
and one that could only be expressed with tears.


“The world is quickly passing and at a fast pace heading for destruction yet we see no need to seek the creator(God) for help,God help us”