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The first day we met we were head over hills for each other,

some  called it love at first sight but i object to that.

i remember you bumping into me ,and as i looked at you ,

i was furious;

then at a second look ,i was totally blown away.

so i  would say it was love at second sight for me

but for you ,it was love at first sight (batting eyelashes) .

we spent each day talking to each other

we were inseparable

what was it about you?

why didn’t we enjoy our absence?

but felt very secure with each other ?

we understood each  other ,even without uttering a word

it was as though time stood still to experience each second of our action .

In our silence ,i could hear love speak as i gazed into your eyes

and the loud voice of affection as displayed on the smile on your face

from our youth we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together

and now as the clock ticks and our night is about to come,

six decades of our lives have passed yet,

there is no one i’d rather be with than you.

now we are old and grey ,

my eyes so dim as i watch you bend over with pain

yet cheerfully bringing me breakfast as i sat in the chair unable to utter a word,

your steps staggering but you made sure you served me right;

waiting patiently to see the smile on my face

 which was obstructed by the oxygen tube under my nostril.

now we are old and grey,

but our love never grew old and frail.