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Outside yourself

One day I hope you look outside yourself
seeing yourself as a help
Instead of one needing of help
seeing yourself as a servant
Instead of one to be served
No longer seeing yourself as the victim each time,
A victim that life has wronged
without considering in what way the other has been wronged
To you the measure of what extent they have been wronged  may be little
but don’t use your own wrong as a measure for another’s

You use anyone that comes your way
to soothe you fleshly needs and fleeting emotions;
Unsure care and affection
I hope you remember that that person is human too
Just as weak and fragile
no  matter how strong they appear
deserving of the kind of love you think you deserve
and most undeserving of your uncertainty and deceit

May you remember that we are different
and selflessly be patient to learn the differences
If you expect more please give more
If they fall short please forgive and embrace
You fall short so many times
You don’t walk in a straight line
while hiding things you should share freely and truly along the way
If you expect your sorries to be accepted each time
then may you gain sense to accept another’s sorry
when you are given

Have compassion mixed with all that wisdom you think you have
less it be seen as foolish
as what need is it
To be “all” knowing and understanding in words
but shallow in heart and application
your depth is no deeper than a puddle at the road side
be gone with your heavy head and risen shoulders!!

written months back


Dear friend,I deserve what you have

envyDear friend,

I smile with you
I appear to be happy for you and all your great achievements
I celebrated you  openly with many congratulations on your perfect result at graduation and wedding engagement,
I cheered you in front of everyone
I planned your surprise birthday party
However, I deserve what you had , have and going to have

If being good were precious stones ,then i’m adorned in them
Diamonds are knitted in every fibre of my body
My words are seasoned with gold
I am goodness personified
studious beyond any book ever made
Being knowledgeable of my imperfection,
I gained a PhD and accepted my flaws as a certificate
I keep my head high irrespective of my insecurities
i deserve applause from everyone and acceptance by everyone

I deserve what you have
the happiness and peace
each second you smile
the moments you laugh in all tones and pitches
Love deeper than the ocean
I have kept myself as well as i can
and not paraded around ideally

I deserve what you have
I have been groomed to be a wife and a help mate
a good listener and patient a chef in the making
I am a virtuous woman clothed in strength and dignity
yet you get the one that loves you and holds you up as trophy
while i am left being searched for

I deserve what you have,
expensive cloths ,shoes and bags;
a body to die for and a face lovely to behold;
For heavens sake i eat the right food and have a healthy diet
but you on the other hand , you eat everything sweet and unhealthy

I deserve what you have, skin finely moulded and its tone glowing graciously
a guy to look at me like nothing in the world matters to him
to make me feel like i’m worth it to laugh at all my silly jokes
a close friend that would sacrifice her time and all she has for me
I deserve what you have to be loved by everyone
and be looked up to so if i do not get some or all that you have, I’d try and get them.

Yours truly, contentment

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