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I guess i’m engaged !

ring 2

A few minutes to go
running with a cup of tea in my hand
screaming to my friend to hasten up
running through the first door
the second door , the third
it was too full to squeeze through

Thinking the fourth door would be any better ,
but it was just as packed
and  time was not on our side
so we squeezed into the coach
packed with guys
different race ,attitude and culture

Bodies squashed together
breathing each other’s air
a few alcoholic nauseating breaths from a guy;
the train  driver not helping the situation
a bumpy journey it was

one of three friends having a laugh
saying hello to each other from the other side
i’m not being funny
he  said , “hello … ! from the other side ” with a chuckle

Chips were being offered
by one of the other guys
not the three friends but
a guy that ended up dropping deep advice
some of which made sense and most of which didn’t

“no thanks, i’ve  just had some” i said
then one of the three friends asked, “can somebody feed me chips”
as he could not move
then after much hesitation,i did
he said,thank you for feeding me chips
or fed chips by a strange woman
that means we are getting married
that’s how it goes in my country

chips was my engagement ring
I’m engaged to a stranger on the train
I proposed
I guess I’m engaged