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I found myself empathising
as I laid eyes on you again.
It doesn’t look like life
has been treating you kind.
Truth be told,
you look sickly.
You don’t look like you use to.
You look like hunger
has diminished your flesh.
You are now all bones
and look quite unkept.
What have you done to yourself
or maybe this is the fruit
of all you sowed ?
You still deserve my empathy
Please hold on to it.


That Autumn feeling

When a few leaves lose their original colour
but not its beauty
and irrespective of its beauty,
the trees have no choice than to shed them
Doing so in preparation for the cold winter

The leaves don’t go begrudgingly
they understand it’s for the good of the tree
though it would be replaced,
It knows its sacrifice would mean the trees have their seeds spread out during winter
and soon more leaves would appear
as budding starts during the lovely spring
It’s a fight for survival

It’s time to be calm and focused
To be subtle but truthful
Playful but wise
Slow to speak and fast to listen

It’s time for a balance of things
To smile till your cheeks hurt when things are different
To lose things that are beautiful but we must let go
Understand this, nothing is ever lost

To be ready to let go of the old and welcome the new
Embracing each new season as it comes
I’d stare and learn from autumn and all that happens
The changes at the beginning but the end is as beautiful as the process even more beautiful than the beginning
Nothing stays as it is and that is refreshing