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Just not like you

Hey ,
One more thing
If you become a dad
If you must have sons
and you are blessed with sons
Please raise them up
with different standards
Instilling good and honest values
Please just don’t let them be like you



Years of Ink

The scent of the paper grew better with time
The synergy during the first kiss of the pen with the paper
and the firm grip of the writer’s hand with the pen
it was a warm embrace
the chemistry of the three was felt

But as the heart of the writer connected with his mind
more energy was released to the paper
it was transformed from one form to another
no energy was destroyed or created
as he wrote each line

He wrote this in the 90s
In the cool of the night,
by the table lamp,
the chirp of the crickets, and
the hoot of the Owl
He wrote it to his wife while camping close to the battle field

Now it’s 2015 ,
she decides to search through the pink chest
where she stored letters from her beloved
All rolled up and nicely tied
with the seal all broken from years back

Now he is no more,
she wants to to feel him close
as she does every anniversary
she wants the words he wrote to jump out and become a reality
to embrace her and say, It’s ok

As she read through the letter
she could feel the energy from her dearest
how he felt to be away from her
the fear, the hope, the anxiety – mixed emotions
It was almost as though she was transported to the 90s
To the war front

The scent of the paper
had that old but authentic scent
It was his love in letters

written with the gold of writers
stored by his beloved
now she shares it with their grand daughters
Though absent , no memory was lost

“This is love!”, the girls exclaimed,
to be in the thought of your beloved at the battle field
and for your beloved to be in your heart years later when he is no more
Cherishing every year, words written over a decade ago

This is love nana !!