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Last night of her first day

I never knew things would turn out this way my friend. Hadriel is still hurting and misses you .He recalls the moments you both shared and these are the words he has to say of that day the night stole you away from him.

If she had run away at least I would know that  she was here somewhere
breathing the same air even if it be from a distant
Each waking day may be painful but i would have been assured that i’d  see you again on earth
If she had been cheating on me i’d prefer that at least she’d still be here for me to share a part of my heart with her,
To forgive her and keep her as mine forever
If she couldn’t give birth ,then well and good for the Lord dimmed it fit we have no child
but still she’d be by my side,
A mother to my every day 

 It was the last night of her first day she said I do
We shared our vows with each other
I replay the resounds of your affectionate giggles as I read mine
it made my eyes dance with joy
Then you said I do but I never knew it would be the beginning of last 
we had an evening wedding as the sun set yet you stood out my sunshine
An evening filled with joy

There were butterflies in my heart
butterflies that found a garden within as they saw a flower treasured up in it
They couldn’t resist your sweet nectar my darling
those butterflies I now cherish

last night you gave me your body and soul
You loved me so much that you wanted to share your pride with your husband 
Keeping yourself for me till our wedding night 
In anticipation I waited the whole day for that night , and for forever with you
You kept your treasure for me I said ,but no not for me but for the glory of God for you feared Him
i waited eagerly (as the Lord gave me the strength)
yet patiently for the day to proceed to a night i’d remember

It was meant to be our beginning to forever
As the day broke, i anticipated looking into your eyes when you would wake up
but the morning did not usher in the sparkles in your eyes
rather tears in my eye as i beheld your lukewarm body transiting to coldness
the sun was rising yet my sunshine that lay beside me could rise no more
The day before, and the night that followed was the last night of her first day with Uriella as my wife

Uriella, my friend these are the words of your beloved Hardiel.