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All the things we don’t become
because we thought eyes were watching
We felt our next move might lead to one’s downfall
We feared the worst might be the outcome;
angry faces or jeering audience the reaction
yes, the imaginary people in our head
so we left with all the inspiration we had
we left with all the lives we were meant to share the magic with


Your boat

We are on the same ocean I can see that
but we are not at the same parts to shore
or where we hope would be our resting ground
“why? “you ask
are you oblivious of the fact that we are different
and our situations are totally unique to us
so quit screaming at me to follow you or move at your pace
that’s your boat so diligently navigate
One thing for sure, we aren’t headed the same way

I owed it to myself

I owed it to myself to tell you i loved  you
to punch fear and all it’s doubts away
to give anxiety and worry a haemorrhage in the brain
when it wouldn’t let my mind rest

I owed it to myself to love you fully and completely
because loving you was what I needed to gain my sanity
I felt at home and not at home
at home in your arms but pressing forward toward our final destination

I owed it to myself to open my heart bare before it turned sour
filled with regrets and pain of what wasn’t said
and if care was not taken It wouldn’t be said
so I decided to carelessly surrender to the truth of my heart

I owed it to myself to Love you when you did not deserve it
to be kind to you when you did not want to be towards me
to show you all the love I had for you if that minute came
the minute I thought would be perfect to display and surrender it

I owed it to myself not to let the anticipation for your reaction die
your reaction I thought out in my head
so I held on to it irrespective of the reality of your present actions
I was happy with all my mind imagined and thought

I owe it to you to pay myself all the debt
every penny and every pound of love to you
To prevent hate and resentment from gaining root and growing
Not thinking of what could have been but hoping toward what would be

I owe it to you to make you see my words are important to me
and I meant and mean all that was said ;physically, emotionally and spiritually
from my heart to yours, and my lips to your ears
I hope I pay you and I everything and be debt free at last
but still loving you like I ought to and you ought to be loved

Your crown

Baby girl,
Wear your crown to whatever place you please
but don’t let it be trampled on by anyone
So be thoughtful of where you let your feet walk
Wear you crown in whatever way
but please don’t drop it
Let the jewels that decorate it be integrity, knowledge and strength
with all reverence for your Creator

It’s your crown
but please remember He that crowned you

It should leave your head
just for one reason, to lay it at His feet
Those who place it there never regret it
and their faces are never ashamed as their crowns shine brighter
when He places it over their head again
So my darling,
wear your crown but readily cast it at His feet
Your treasure; His worship

Beautiful leftovers

The meal that comes in handy when you are hungry
when there is no time to prepare a new meal
but it’s still so tasty because it was a part of the new meal
the difference is it was eaten at a later date 
you were probably too full to stuff what was left when it was originally made 
so you decided to take it one mouthful at a time 
and keep the rest properly till needful 
when you’d appreciate the taste 
and be satisfied with it 

That’s my 2017
goals leftover from 2016

not due to laziness I must add
or maybe so

they are just as important now as it was then
chasing after it with so much eagerness
than before

 Goals that weren’t completed in 2016 
but needed to be hit properly instead of rushing over it 
Just ticking the boxes of accomplishment 
but not shading the boxes to perfection 
so no with the new year already gliding through 
and a huge hunger to do more strikes 
my mind being flooded with ideas 
I’d visit those goals I stored away 
to be attended to with so much focus 
as my strength it full
and I feel intense eagerness and passion to reach them

they are my beautiful leftovers

This is Your earth

You knew what You were doing when You walked through the darkness
When you decreed let there be light
to the earth’s last detail nothing came as a surprise
You perfectly planned everything out
but things haven’t been great
I know you see it
For He who formed the eyes does He not see
I know You hear our cry
Our cry for you to delay no longer
He who formed the ears hears

The turn out of things may surprise us
It may leave us mouth open
but I know You knew this would be the turn out of events
You put us in a bit of control  but you are still in charge
That is the best thing ever
No not us being in charge because it’s obvious we need You
Lest we self destruct
The best thing is you are still in control
We see that it isn’t so easy
So easy ? Now I’m downplaying it
Things aren’t easy at all
no matter how hard we try to work alone
or pretend that we got this
We exalt the wisdom You put there
Singing our praises when things go as we plan
Forgetting that You already ordained it to be so before it happens

All things work together for good
the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off
Though we are in pain
yet we would rejoice
No, not in the absence of troubles
Not in the absence of the confusion that comes with uncertainties
but in all these
We are more than conquerors
We do not appreciate peace when there is calmness
but we appreciate peace in the storm
You are the prince of peace
Teach our minds to seek You
and our hearts not to give up

This is Your earth so let me trust in You
for You are an everlasting rock
It is better to take refuge
To take refuge In Him whose very voice is the thunder
Whose countenance is like the sun
The Sun of the sun
Under Your shadow I would abide
Whose breath is the very wind
It is better to take refuge in Him
Whose permanence is the reason for my existence
Who is not here today gone tomorrow like man
Beautiful flower we are, as green as that grass
but we would be blown away
After much noise and life struggles
Silence is the reward and history we become
So trust Him who is History , the Present and  the Years to come
Ancient of days

This is Your earth
So nothing surprises You
For you do everything according to the counsel of Your will
You place a king and pull down one
His very heart is in Your hands
The high and haughty You bring low
and the humble You uplift
If you let wickedness go on
You have a purpose
For when righteousness is revealed
There is no doubt or difficulty spotting the difference
Even the darkness is not dark to You

Under your everlasting arms I’d rest
Under your pinions I’d take refuge
since you are in control of every detail
then in Your arms is where I want to be
I know though our flesh waste away
Our soul is being nourished in and by You
Do not let me wonder away from your presence
Do not let me trust in your earth and all that is in it
Let me not be lost in its beauty and riches
but forever remember its temporariness
For in a twinkle of an eye it flies away
Let me forever till eternity trust the creator and owner of the earth
In your sovereignty would I rejoice
There is hope for my times are in the Lord’s hands
This is Your earth

How do you prepare?

To break dad’s heart
that his little girl might end up with someone he may not like
or may fall in love with one he does not agree with
or would be exposed to men whose aim is to dishonour his daughter

To give a news to your family
who hoped that something great would come out of your choices
after you told them you have chosen another career part
but it ended up in shambles; a regret?

When you know what you always dreamed about would never be a reality
because you wake up to find out that you may not be around as long as you hoped
Tomorrow is not promised

How do you prepare for a news like this
When you are told you would be awarded the best in your degree
Only to find out the person you hoped would be there to celebrate with you is fighting
Fighting for Life

For a sight of your loved one in the hospital
Losing her hair and being drained of life by her therapy
All you do is hope and pray that she comes out fine

When you are told she didn’t make it
She would not be going home with you
What you see is the last you’d see of her

Often times there are no preparations but to pray and hope
The acceptance of things when it happens
The coping and the resting, as HARD as it may be in God’s sovereignty
Under His everlasting arms