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She asked her worth
but she knew your answer
would not change
how she sees herself
She needed to be sure that
you knew what jewel you had
and how priceless the person
that stood before you is.
She needed to make sure
your mind was in the right place
She hoped you hadn’t lost your mind
and sense of reasoning and awareness



age is nothing but a NUMBER

I have been trying to grasp that i would be a year older in a weeks time

few weeks ago i had a dream that i could still be lifted by my dad

like he used to do when i was little.

what i would give to go back to the days.

but you know what they say ,backward never forward ever

but i would not mind stepping back a little

before facing the reality that i am growing up

i still have the need to cuddle my stuffed puppy that was given to me as a gift,

i still have that inner child in me that still wants to play on a bouncy castle,

run around in play grounds and just leave each day as it comes,

play tag, and hide and seek.

But as  days go by i feel just the same just another digit has been added to me

i am still that child from before ,only wiser and of course way way taller.

some days i lay in bed and  cry with need to be around my family

them being thousands of miles away;

with these feelings still intact,

i have joined the large few to conclude, that age is nothing but a NUMBER.

well,in this case it is.