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To my mother- in- law

I have just said “yes” to your son
It is the right time to start calling you mum,
my second mum
Thank you and dad for raising a king
for raising a soldier, my soldier
He fought tirelessly for my heart
for sharing with him proverbs 31 vs 10 -31
He says i fit beautifully into that picture
though i’d argue i do not
and i believe i do not
He only sees God’s mercy covering me
i’d confess

I’m thankful he broke your water and came when he did
I’m thankful to God for giving you the strength to push him out
you have nurtured him spirit, soul and body
showed him how a woman should treat a man
by treating his dad right
I mean you can see it all over dad’s face
the man is still in love after all these years
You showed him how a woman reacts
when treated like the flower she is
she releases all her nectar
and her fragrances burst out on him

I do not wish to take your place
but i wish to continue the care you have given him
to satisfy his daily needs in our union
to be that listening ear
The  firm yet comfortable shoulder that he could lean on
to make him feel warm in my embrace
and secure when he comes home

Would he go hungry ,
no mum for with everything i am i’d feed him
His spirit ,soul and body would be fed fat in every way
Smiles would be his daily expression
Would he go thirsty ? no mum for with the streams of my love
I’d quench his thirsts
would he go without cloths ?
no mum , if money be the hindrance
I’d hand make his garment all through the night for him
like a king he is, I’d cloth him

would he ever be lonely ?
yes mum
If i only offer him  myself ,
all the physical aspect of me , then he will
but no mum because we both have christ
who is our strength and daily gives us strength
to be there for each other when we are at far distances
I am ever thankful for a mother in law like you
for giving me your son
Thank you for carrying him for 9months

Fear not mother-in-law
I would love and cherish him daily
He is my beloved
and I am his
His love would continue to rest in my heart
and mine in his  ❤ ❤


Dear Contentment, things are not always as they seem

See post – “Dear friend, I deserve what you have” . before this post

Dear Contentment,

You have harboured pain for so long, so much hypocrisy as i recall the times you stood by me.
However, i am grateful you did. At least you tried to cage it all in and thankfully you did not explode. How ironical for you to be named contentment.It’s really funny .I would tell you the truth with all honesty, you should have been called covetousness or jealousy. You just displayed how un-christ like you really were ,you had an out show of godliness but inside you were layers of bitterness. I would not Lord it over you because to be honest, there were so many things i saw in you that i admired and honestly wished i was half as great as you were just like you pointed out in your letter but we are given what we have because God made it so. Have you forgotten we deserve nothing but God graciously bestowed to us what he deemed fit? so if you complain and eye another persons’ to the point of hatred,jealousy and bitterness then my friend you just told God he knew nothing and knows nothing. You spit on his face by your acts.

You gained a Phd by being knowledgeable of your flaws? your words betray you as you esteem yourself more highly than you ought to. You have ripped yourself of the certificate by boasting in  your so called goodness which worth nothing but filthy rags in the presence of God.I’d ask you ,can a man be pure before his maker?Dear virtuous woman as you call yourself clothed in strength and dignity how dignifying has been your thoughts towards me ? .How filled with strength have you displayed as you have become weakened by the things God graciously allowed come my way. You my dear friend are also a benefactor of God’s mercy but you are so myopic to see yours but your vision strengthened to see mine as you gazed intently with envy.For heavens sake , a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised and to fear the Lord is to depart from evil but my dear friend you have not departed from the evil of jealousy and thoughts of bitterness. Hence ,stripping yourself of that title.

However, things are not always as they seem.The seconds of smiles you usually see on my face may have come after minutes and hours of tears and hard work.my fiancé , yes he is such an angel but trust me the times we have our arguments is nothing to write home about but i love him and he loves me.I may not have been a saint but you aren’t either . I wold not let you hang that over my head .The Lord knows how repentant i was of the times i spent in my different boy friend’s arms. Giving up myself cheaply but God purified me and cleansed me as i laid all at his feet. I went away from the alter after being cleansed by my High priest, Christ Jesus and sinned no more.He graciously had mercy on me and decided to bless me with my fiancé. I keep wondering why  and what i had done to deserve it but that’s just it, i didn’t deserve it. He did it for Himself .To receive all the glory, so my friend glorify God for me and don’t speak words of hatred.

A body to die for ?And a face lovely to behold you say? All flesh like grass would fade away.Charm is decietful and beauty vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Yes I stuff my face with unhealthy food ,so you say but dear friend I hit the Gym every now and then. I also stuff my face with five a day rule .

Things are not as they seem because i had to go through a lot to forgive myself and accept the goodness of God. I hated myself for sometime with days of guilt and regret .You deserve what i have right? Yes that’s fine but let me add,to deserve the end result my dear friend then you must be wiling to say you deserve the hurdles ,pains,tears and consequences that came and comes with the end result. Life is not a bed of roses you either sow thorns or the thorns from the rose you thought life was would prick you without knowing but dear friend there must be thorns.Expensive shoes ,bags ,cloths? Is that really your problem? This are trivial things to get a head ache about. This are temporary things and all would pass. We brought nothing to this world and we would most definitely take nothing.I’d give you the she’s and bags but please kindly ask and save your heart the accumulation of garbage thoughts and intentions.

Dear contentment ,things are not always as they seem for the things that are seen are temporal while the things unseen are permanent so please do aways with the unseen bitterness,envy and jealousy which are now temporal because you have brought it to the open. Things are not as they seem because there is a story behind every success so if you pray to be someone , then get ready to face the same problems and issues.Dear contentment one last advice ,go on your knees and repent.

Lots of Love,



Increase by Grace – January 2015

I was given to much drinking till i stagger and fall. Utterring words i need not say ,or is hardly heard from my mouth when in a sober state.Playing around with the ‘sisters and brothers ‘in the lord; indulging in things that shouldn’t be heard of .Immorality was the order of the day.sin needed no permission to rule in me since that was the only nature I knew and I was birthed in.I am well pleased to speak wrongly behind the person’s back I just smiled to her face and exchanged pleasantries few minutes ago .I knew who God was or so I claimed since he was always near my mouth when I’m in trouble or with the “brothers and sisters” in Christ but so distant from my heart when I indulged in every filth that my parents,pastor and those who saw me as a christian never saw me do,of course I got away with it ,or so i thought not remembering the one whom I would stand before on judgement day ,who knew every deed i had done while i made a profession to be a christian was watching . I had amnesia .

Can one identify with Christ yet leave like a sinner without no conviction of sin and urge to repent ?A question i had never asked my self or ever prompted to ask my self as I sat under preachers who hardly spoke nothing of holiness and God’s righteousness but how would they teach me on that. when they haven’t taken time to study on the attributes of God

Preacher who felt no need to confront me using the scripture of man’s sinful nature ie my sinful nature and burden of sin .
Instead they filled their sermons with their stories and motivational talks.They were bent on building my self esteem and helping me gain things that would all be left behind while my soul perished and headed for damnation .They made God appear as a ginnie in a kettle whom you would rub on ,and when he appeared ,I could make three wishes and it would be done.They taught me of a God formed by their imagination .

They took no time to instill the fear of God in me which is the beginning of wisdom and leads to the hatred of evil.Making me feel certain I was saved but with the obvious marks of not being saved I became uncertain.Weighed my life with Scripture vs comparing it with the words of the preacher man who were meant to be shepherds over the Lord’s flock .i was left in confusion .Yes i went back to study but exalted mans words over scripture .I say i am a christian yet I am the person in 1john 3 vs 8 .who makes a practice of sinning . Sinning was a habit.

I was adding to the numbers but not to Christ’s bride ;and because of me ,every unbeliever blasphemes against CHRIST .The eyes that pierces deep into the very darkness where most evil is done because he himself is light was seeing my deeds but I took no note of it .

Then it pleased the Lord to open my eyes to my true rotenness and helpless estate .The veils of my eyes were open to the beauty of His holiness ,righteousness,justice and mercy .There was an earthquake within me that shook my whole being and suddenly ,all my deeds and fleshly pleasures that once gave me satisfaction I now hate and detest when he encountered me .my savior in my filth and dirt snatched me from the demanding paws of sin whose pleasure lasts only for a moment .

I was like a pig who delighted in mud and rubbish ,a pig who could only be turned into a new creature by divine intervention .So how could a pig become a man and enjoy the good food man ate and ‘cleanliness ‘?How could I who ate the pigs food (theft, envy, jealousy, pride ,sexual immorality, lies, backbiting pornography, masturbation) abhor it and i suddenly had a longing for Holiness and Godliness and by the slightest mistake of trying to taste the filthy food again, I felt disgusted within and he drew my heart to him in repentance .In boldness I came before the throne of grace; He is that boldness that draws me to His throne that I may obtain mercy.

It has been a journey but a journey of outmost joy as i recall how a saviour spotless and without blemish came for me when clothed in filthy rags.When a smelly aroma oozed from my body yet it pleased him to make me his aroma. like a seed planted in the most fertile soil which is Christ I grow daily in holiness .no longer was I a person who identified with the son yet leaved like a foreigner .

My desires have shifted and i long for my heavenly home and my saviour.It is not my will but God who works in me both to will to do and to do of his good pleasure

The work of salvation is evident in my life and I am certain I am saved as I see the fruits of Godliness in my life and examine my self with scripture depending solely on Christ that lives in me .i can boldly say this Galatians 2 vs 20(I have been crucified with Christ .It is no longer i that lives but Christ that lives through me…)

By grace I have been truly saved and by grace i have increased;I have increased from love to hate ,From affection for things of this temporary world to hatred for them .O no, not the work of man or my own efforts which yielded nothing but stench, but God alone who could turn a pig to a new creature and now my whole being increases by grace in the salvation of our God .

Note from the author:

i looked into my life and from the teachings i had heard ,these words came to my mind. some incidents are related to my life .Nonetheless ,all is one  because  in my sinful nature ,whatever sin it be ,has been saved  and daily i increase by grace.

After the FLOOD came the RAINBOW.

As she cried ,”mercy me” and the dark clouds rolled back ,
then came a rainbow
illuminating its various colours
it was a symbol of a covenant and colours of mercy.
a sign of forgiveness for not taking heed to her Father’s warning
an arc of forgiveness,
a bow of shelter from further wrath
seven colours of perfection radiating life around her.

Gradually ,the flood subsided
but it wasn’t willing to leave without leaving painful memories
as it noticed she gained strength from the colours of the rainbow
it drained gradually yet painfully
leaving scars and hurtful memories in her heart
making her fill guilt for every passion she once felt
she needed no reminder that she had threaded the wrong route .

All the water subsided and with the little strength
she looked down at her land
O,how unrecognisable it was
desolate it became as every fertile soil had been washed away
a land she spent 20 years cultivating and preserving ,
waiting for the right time of harvest lay in ruin
strength and dignity had been washed away by erosion,
disgusted did she feel.

As the seven colours of mercy shone even brighter on her land,
she picked up what was left and tried to put things in place.
Her face down to the floor,
she wished she had not neglected the council of her father ,the Creator ,and friends ,
grace and righteousness
Her father watching every move she made,
and weighing her heart ,saw repentance in her .

He called out to her friends who never left in the first place
she couldn’t reach out for their help because of her hardened heart and flooded soul.
as the sun shone its light on the rainbow
making its colour beam even stronger
her land became the reflection of its colours
her friends helped her cultivate her land and
under the loving presence of God the father and Creator ,
her once desolate land now lay fruitful and fenced all around

NB : This is the continuation of “THE FLOOD”


Warning!!! the flood is coming ,a woman dressed in green warned,
‘Hide for safety,guard your lands and don’t let the flood destroy it’, she cried;
a message she brought from the creator to His daughters.

All girls ran for safety except one girl
as she watched, still trying to make a decision,
the clouds turned dark and the skies were filled with lightening
the thundering sounds so frightful that she ran to take shelter

 few kilometres away from safety ,
she felt a drop of rain on her back sending chills down her spine
the cloud let out subtle drizzles
she loved how it felt close to her warm skin
as it trickled down every region

 lost in the ecstasy of every little drop that felt like care and peace,
then came heavy batters of rain
betraying the love and peace she felt at first
with no where to run to ,
she stood still hoping things would go back to the way it was

As the rain flooded her land,
killing every flower of beautiful memories she experienced
chocking the vegetation that beautified her land
keeping hope alive ,
she believed the flood would last for a moment

However ,it had succeeded in killing every butterfly she once felt
when droplets of soothing waters nourished her land
with the waters up to her neck ,
she finally screamed for help
as any further silence would lead to her death emotionally,socially and physically.

*Originally written in September* .