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I did not ask you to stay
I only asked you
To be kind as you walk away
I’m glad you didn’t listen
Or rather, I realised
I did not need your kindness
When I am filled with kindness
The kindness needed to breathe
The kindness that was already there
The kindness needed to survive
Not at any one’s mercy
Not at your mercy.
Bye, love.


This is Your earth

You knew what You were doing when You walked through the darkness
When you decreed let there be light
to the earth’s last detail nothing came as a surprise
You perfectly planned everything out
but things haven’t been great
I know you see it
For He who formed the eyes does He not see
I know You hear our cry
Our cry for you to delay no longer
He who formed the ears hears

The turn out of things may surprise us
It may leave us mouth open
but I know You knew this would be the turn out of events
You put us in a bit of control  but you are still in charge
That is the best thing ever
No not us being in charge because it’s obvious we need You
Lest we self destruct
The best thing is you are still in control
We see that it isn’t so easy
So easy ? Now I’m downplaying it
Things aren’t easy at all
no matter how hard we try to work alone
or pretend that we got this
We exalt the wisdom You put there
Singing our praises when things go as we plan
Forgetting that You already ordained it to be so before it happens

All things work together for good
the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off
Though we are in pain
yet we would rejoice
No, not in the absence of troubles
Not in the absence of the confusion that comes with uncertainties
but in all these
We are more than conquerors
We do not appreciate peace when there is calmness
but we appreciate peace in the storm
You are the prince of peace
Teach our minds to seek You
and our hearts not to give up

This is Your earth so let me trust in You
for You are an everlasting rock
It is better to take refuge
To take refuge In Him whose very voice is the thunder
Whose countenance is like the sun
The Sun of the sun
Under Your shadow I would abide
Whose breath is the very wind
It is better to take refuge in Him
Whose permanence is the reason for my existence
Who is not here today gone tomorrow like man
Beautiful flower we are, as green as that grass
but we would be blown away
After much noise and life struggles
Silence is the reward and history we become
So trust Him who is History , the Present and  the Years to come
Ancient of days

This is Your earth
So nothing surprises You
For you do everything according to the counsel of Your will
You place a king and pull down one
His very heart is in Your hands
The high and haughty You bring low
and the humble You uplift
If you let wickedness go on
You have a purpose
For when righteousness is revealed
There is no doubt or difficulty spotting the difference
Even the darkness is not dark to You

Under your everlasting arms I’d rest
Under your pinions I’d take refuge
since you are in control of every detail
then in Your arms is where I want to be
I know though our flesh waste away
Our soul is being nourished in and by You
Do not let me wonder away from your presence
Do not let me trust in your earth and all that is in it
Let me not be lost in its beauty and riches
but forever remember its temporariness
For in a twinkle of an eye it flies away
Let me forever till eternity trust the creator and owner of the earth
In your sovereignty would I rejoice
There is hope for my times are in the Lord’s hands
This is Your earth

Dear friend,I deserve what you have

envyDear friend,

I smile with you
I appear to be happy for you and all your great achievements
I celebrated you  openly with many congratulations on your perfect result at graduation and wedding engagement,
I cheered you in front of everyone
I planned your surprise birthday party
However, I deserve what you had , have and going to have

If being good were precious stones ,then i’m adorned in them
Diamonds are knitted in every fibre of my body
My words are seasoned with gold
I am goodness personified
studious beyond any book ever made
Being knowledgeable of my imperfection,
I gained a PhD and accepted my flaws as a certificate
I keep my head high irrespective of my insecurities
i deserve applause from everyone and acceptance by everyone

I deserve what you have
the happiness and peace
each second you smile
the moments you laugh in all tones and pitches
Love deeper than the ocean
I have kept myself as well as i can
and not paraded around ideally

I deserve what you have
I have been groomed to be a wife and a help mate
a good listener and patient a chef in the making
I am a virtuous woman clothed in strength and dignity
yet you get the one that loves you and holds you up as trophy
while i am left being searched for

I deserve what you have,
expensive cloths ,shoes and bags;
a body to die for and a face lovely to behold;
For heavens sake i eat the right food and have a healthy diet
but you on the other hand , you eat everything sweet and unhealthy

I deserve what you have, skin finely moulded and its tone glowing graciously
a guy to look at me like nothing in the world matters to him
to make me feel like i’m worth it to laugh at all my silly jokes
a close friend that would sacrifice her time and all she has for me
I deserve what you have to be loved by everyone
and be looked up to so if i do not get some or all that you have, I’d try and get them.

Yours truly, contentment

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