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After the FLOOD came the RAINBOW.

As she cried ,”mercy me” and the dark clouds rolled back ,
then came a rainbow
illuminating its various colours
it was a symbol of a covenant and colours of mercy.
a sign of forgiveness for not taking heed to her Father’s warning
an arc of forgiveness,
a bow of shelter from further wrath
seven colours of perfection radiating life around her.

Gradually ,the flood subsided
but it wasn’t willing to leave without leaving painful memories
as it noticed she gained strength from the colours of the rainbow
it drained gradually yet painfully
leaving scars and hurtful memories in her heart
making her fill guilt for every passion she once felt
she needed no reminder that she had threaded the wrong route .

All the water subsided and with the little strength
she looked down at her land
O,how unrecognisable it was
desolate it became as every fertile soil had been washed away
a land she spent 20 years cultivating and preserving ,
waiting for the right time of harvest lay in ruin
strength and dignity had been washed away by erosion,
disgusted did she feel.

As the seven colours of mercy shone even brighter on her land,
she picked up what was left and tried to put things in place.
Her face down to the floor,
she wished she had not neglected the council of her father ,the Creator ,and friends ,
grace and righteousness
Her father watching every move she made,
and weighing her heart ,saw repentance in her .

He called out to her friends who never left in the first place
she couldn’t reach out for their help because of her hardened heart and flooded soul.
as the sun shone its light on the rainbow
making its colour beam even stronger
her land became the reflection of its colours
her friends helped her cultivate her land and
under the loving presence of God the father and Creator ,
her once desolate land now lay fruitful and fenced all around

NB : This is the continuation of “THE FLOOD”



Warning!!! the flood is coming ,a woman dressed in green warned,
‘Hide for safety,guard your lands and don’t let the flood destroy it’, she cried;
a message she brought from the creator to His daughters.

All girls ran for safety except one girl
as she watched, still trying to make a decision,
the clouds turned dark and the skies were filled with lightening
the thundering sounds so frightful that she ran to take shelter

 few kilometres away from safety ,
she felt a drop of rain on her back sending chills down her spine
the cloud let out subtle drizzles
she loved how it felt close to her warm skin
as it trickled down every region

 lost in the ecstasy of every little drop that felt like care and peace,
then came heavy batters of rain
betraying the love and peace she felt at first
with no where to run to ,
she stood still hoping things would go back to the way it was

As the rain flooded her land,
killing every flower of beautiful memories she experienced
chocking the vegetation that beautified her land
keeping hope alive ,
she believed the flood would last for a moment

However ,it had succeeded in killing every butterfly she once felt
when droplets of soothing waters nourished her land
with the waters up to her neck ,
she finally screamed for help
as any further silence would lead to her death emotionally,socially and physically.

*Originally written in September* .