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Her “No” should have been enough for your thirsty flesh

Been enough to make you feel some sort of compassion
to think of the woman who bore you
enough to tame the animal rising in you
but the only thing that was enough
was her tired and broken body
after you had what was enough for you
Her “NO” wasn’t just enough



Don’t Call a spade a Hoe

Don’t Call a spade a hoe
Where murder is called choice
fornication is called dating
Lust taken as love
Where the so called right to choose
reaps an unborn baby
of the right to live
where lies are tagged white lies
where abuse is called dancing

Where a baby is called a fetus
to make oneself feel better
as the baby is reaped limb from limb
by a man/ woman who clams to be helping the girl
when in actual fact he wants his pocket to smile
The girl who claims she is not ready to bare a child
but was willing to enjoy the pleasures
that led to the conception

Do not play the rape card!!
This is being done mostly in non-rape cases
but for the rape cases,
I cry with you and may you be comforted in Christ
but using a sin to heal a sin would never cause healing
Do not let your unborn child
drink the hurt they knew nothing about

Where the death of an animal
is deeply mourned more than the lives of millions
of babies killed by “doctors”
Where adultery is called an affair
where vulgar speech is seen as cool
Where selfishness is called self worth
where greed is taken as a search for fulfilment
standing for the truth is taken as hate
Speaking the truth as being judgemental
where male is taken as female and vice versa
Where boastful speech is taken as testimony
or confidence

Where a lady is called holier than thou
because she decides not to show some skin
but wait!! she does
Isn’t her hands or palms or elbows showing
or see her feet and calf
what covers those areas, isn’t that skin?
Oh you meant the skin of her regions
which is not meant to be on display
to your thirsty eyes

Where little or no cloths
is taken as expressing ones femininity
and embracing ones body  type
Taken as being bold
and without a care in the world of what any one says
or the temptation they offer
leading men to sin in their thoughts
and disrespect them in their heart
Sometimes viewing them at tools and objects

Where a young girl or boy in their teens
is laughed at by a group of “friends”
when they are all making plans to lose it in their sixth form
But he or she says they are saving it for marriage
Don’t shrink back guys and girls on this path
Your decision is pleasing to God
Before whom you and
all your friends would give an account

Don’t call a spade a hoe
Where Lies are applauded
because it goes with protocol and policy
but sincerity of heart and speech is trampled upon
This is the world we live in
where being politically correct prevents one
from mentioning, God (Christ)
Or prevents one from talking of  his believe in Christ
and how this believe governs his lifestyle

where those who stand for Christ are killed
or mocked
We were warned and it is expected
so let us not be surprised
but hold on to our strength and great reward
Christ!!!In every labour
But let us not call a spade a hoe

Where this piece would be tagged as ;
a hate speech
each line tagged as judgemental,
A confrontational toned piece
not speaking the truth in love 
but that’s ok
I rather call a spade a spade
It’s not about pointing fingers
but pointing fingers where it needs to be pointed

I will not call a spade a hoe
In my life, as God opens my eyes to my shortcomings
as i study His word and warn me through people
when i say or do things I should not or 
don’t say or do things I should
when I am filled with pride
forgetting i came into this world with nothing
and would leave with nothing
though it hurts to use the spade in my life,
I rather call a spade a spade
and run back to Christ in repentance 

We are in the farm of our lives
Our daily activities and daily lives
With a spade but we call it a hoe
When faced with situations that go contrary
To our values and believes
When we are confronted and asked questions
To see what our stand is or
for people to get validation

Take courage farmers in the vine yard
Call the spade you carry a spade
and use it to uproot all falsehood
All fear sown by farmers leaving for now
Trying to shut up everyone
serving that bitter pill, Truth
Who think they have forever in this life
To continue  ploughing with a spade
but because they’ve been blinded
by the god of this world ,
they call it a hoe

Thinking the harvest they get would last forever
but it won’t
for time would tell
and it would be in the favour of those who stood for the truth
Those that called a spade a spade!
My 50th post !! Thankful
Audio to be released for following posts soon